My Dad Never Saw The Beatles


Upcoming scratch: Showlab at Hayes Theatre Co.

Previously scratched at Home Grown at the Hayes and CAAP’s Longhouse, 2023. 

Image by Jay Patel

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Forgetting Tim Minchin

Debut season, July 2023 at Belvoir’s 25a.

Jules Orcullo - Book, Music & Lyrics
Amy Sole - Director
Andy Freeborn - Musical Director
Lauren Nalty - Movement Director
Hailley Hunt - Set & Costume Designer
Kate Baldwin - Lighting Designer
Christine Pan -Sound Designer
Jess Ramsey - Assistant Director
With Jules Orcullo and Nova Raboy

Clare Sheridan - Stage Manager
Mia Barnes - Stage Manager
Jamie Lee-Ferguson - Assistant Stage Manager
Kaleigh DWS Giles - Producer
Rizcel Gagawanan - Marketing Manager
Gareth Sole - Construction Manager
Arwen Davidson - LX Assistant

Images by Clare Hawley

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Simone Made Me Do It

A fortnightly Substack. A messed up self-help memoir told in the immediate past with reflections on creativity, existence, and the knottiness of digital communions. 

Free forever. 

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Fraser Babies

In development

Jules Orcullo - Book, music and lyrics
Chloe Macaulay-Keung - Music Producer
Miranda Aguilar - Culture Captain

Development production by The Joy Offensive with development support from Hayes Theatre Co and Creative Partnerships Australia. 

Presented as work-in-progress at Contemporary Asian Australian Performance's Longhouse and Squabbalogic's Seymour Nights. 

Gig event hosted at A.C.E. Parramatta made possible thanks to a wonderful community of supporters. Produced by Marie-Jo Orbase and thanks to Rizcel Gagawanan. 

Image by Saarah Hanif featuring Chaya Ocampo

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Dramaturgy and facilitation

Learn by doing. Making legible the ineffable. Collaborative. Transformational. From 30 minute meetings to 2 year programs.

Interests include:
- Your voice as a playwright 
- The Unanswerable Question (and other organising principles)
- Dramatic action
- Semi-autobiographical work

I particularly enjoy working with people who love being an audience member, people speaking truth to power, groups. All ages, abilities, backgrounds, levels of experience, levels of familiarity with theatre.

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